E-Fuels? Yes, please!

Translation: E-fuels need to hit the road. With the window stickers for the campaign “E-fuels? Yes, please!” you support this initiative and contribute to making e-fuels more visible to the public!

Promotions of eFUEL-TODAY

Here you can request the window stickers for the “E-Fuels? Yes, please!” campaign free of charge and without obligation. Shipping is also free of charge for you. The stickers will be sent in household quantities of either 5 or 10 per shipment. If you need a larger quantity of stickers, please contact us at efjb@efuel-today.com. Only while supplies last!

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We are in the midst of a big change towards a sustainable energy mix. E-Fuels have the potential to become a fundamental pillar of a sustainable energy supply. Support our petition "E-Fuels now!"

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